Urban Traffic Control

Urban Traffic Control is now enforced by many local authorities, using bus lane enforcement to improve the efficiency of their public transport.

These cameras serve as a deterrent to road users and allow buses to pass through city centres and encourage the free flow of traffic. If bus lanes are free from unauthorised traffic, bus travel will be easier, quicker and more reliable.
Swift are a provider of traffic and parking enforcement technology in the UK. Swift cameras use state-of-the-art edge based technology to provide traffic authorities with a cost effective, enforcement solution that has the facility to meet their needs currently and in the future.

Whether you require simple bus lane enforcement, parking restriction monitoring or more complex high speed traffic enforcement, Swift can meet all of your technology needs!

With innovations in the use of camera technology Swift provide services that allow for the Managed Motorway concept. Using detectors to measure congestion, and an enforcement system to ensure drivers comply with the temporary speed limits and restrictions.