Asset Tracking

The Swift mobile asset tracking transmitter uses a complex integration of multiple technologies including GPS and cellular location systems.

To transmit those signals to Swift’s monitoring servers the transmitter utilises GPS satellite signals broadcasted from over 28 geo-stationary satellites which are integrated with GSM-GPRS mobile technology.
The device can respond to multiple commands sent by the user, for example, the device can be instructed to send a location ‘ping’ at a specific interval or send an alert when it
has been moved.
If tracking an object that should not be moved, a Geofence can be drawn around the perimeter of the location. In the event that the device breaches the perimeter of the Geo
-fence, our monitoring station will immediately commence tracking the device in real time. Our SIA trained operators will invoke our customer specific escalation procedures and relay information to the Police should if deemed necessary.
The whole Swift Asset tracking system is provided as a managed service. We set up the devices for you and track them in real time from our alarm and video receiving centre
24 hours a day. We can even provide our clients with Virtual access to the system from an iPad or desktop PC to show the status of all asset tracking devices along with full audit trails such as low battery warnings, activations and crucially the current position.