Sprinklers and Risers

Sprinklers are an integral part of an effective fire fighting solution.

Sprinkler systems are major fixed extinguishing systems designed to extinguish flames in the event of a fire and thereby prevent potential disasters.

While historically sprinkler systems have only been present in large commercial and public sector premises, smaller commercial and even residential sites are now utilising this active solution as a cost effective and dependable fire safety solution.

Swift Fire & Security offers a complete solution, from initial design and installation through to ongoing maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. Operating on a national basis we can help ensure the continued safety of your premises.

In accordance with TB6:200:1 (replacing section 7 of BS 5306 pt2) thorough sprinkler maintenance should be carried out by qualified engineers twice per annum and visual checks carried out weekly by site staff.

Regular maintenance of a Sprinklers systems is just as important as the initial design and installation.


The Building (Minimum Standards) Regulations 2000 dictate that a Riser should be present in all modern constructions that are over 18 metres in height or should be situated within 60 metres distance from the main access door of a building.

Annual maintenance visits are required to ensure the full functionality of the Riser to ensure that it is available for the Fire Service to deliver large quantities of water to where it is needed, in compliance with BS 9990:2006. This includes one pressure test per year and one visual inspection.

Due to the visible and accessible nature of Risers they are often the target of vandalism, therefore prone to faults and damage. Ensuring that the Riser system for your building is in good order is something that you are responsible for and there are severe penalties should your Riser not work when in the event it is needed.

Operating a national fleet of specially fitted Riser testing units, Swift Fire & Security can offer a comprehensive Riser maintenance solution at a cost effective price.