Leisure and Hospitality

Key to the successful delivery of fire life safety and security contracts within the leisure and hospitality industry is a keen focus on compliance and health and safety.

Within the UK, the Leisure and Hospitality industry has significantly grown over recent years. Encompassing hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas and health and leisure facilities, the industry has grown to reflect the lifestyle we want. In response to this, Swift has aligned their customer service teams and national engineering resource to effectively support them.

It is imperative that the integrated security and life safety system installed within Swift’s customers sites operate to the highest standards and that any fault is rectified in a timely manner. Backed by all major accrediting bodies, Swift provide a quality assured services, ensuring peace of mind for their customers.

Within the Leisure and Hospitality Sector image is important. To support our clients, Swift ensure that the façade of any technology we install in visually pleasing and fits in with our customer’s image and supports the brand’s integrity.