Are You Protected?

Security Solutions

1. Have you undertaken a security audit of your premises within the last 12 months?

2. Do you have an intruder alarm system installed?

3. Do you know the grade of your security alarm system?

4. Is a CCTV system installed?

5. Do you control access to your premises, and parts within it, through an electronic access control system?

6. Do your staff ever work alone within the premises?

Fire Protection

1. Have you had a fire risk assessment undertaken in the past 12 months by a competent person?

2. Do you have a fire alarm installed?

3. Do you undertake weekly fire alarm tests?

4. Do you have appropriate extinguishers in place to react in the event of a fire?

Mechanical Products

1. Are safety devices (e.g. fire extinguishers) regularly inspected and, if possible, tested?

2. Is a maintenance contract in place?

3. Is a sprinkler system installed?

4. Are dry risers installed?

5. Are wet risers installed?

6. Are gas extinguishing systems installed?

7. Have you had a fit for purpose check on all mechanical products within the last year?

Electrical Services

1. Have all your electrical devices been PAT tested and certified within the last 12 months?

2. Do you have a server room, is it regularly tested by a competent person?

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Security Solutions

Fire Protection

Mechanical Products

Electrical Services

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